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Sell my scrap car services across Essex and Hertfordshire

Sell My Scrap Car in Essex and Hertfordshire

However much time and effort we put into our cars, there comes a time when we have to let them go. Whether they have deteriorated through years of use or have been involved in an accident, sometimes a resale is impossible. When this happens, the best way to mitigate your loss is to sell it on for scrap.

If you have been searching online for “sell my scrap car” then you have reached the right place. Here at KD Autos Tyres and Recovery Ltd, we offer the best prices for scrap cars in Essex and Hertfordshire. We run our own scrap yard in Harlow, Essex, where all the scrap vehicles we purchase end up. Our experienced mechanics can strip any car down to its constituent parts quickly and efficiently, while you walk away with a fair price in cash.

We can collect scrap cars from anywhere in Essex of Hertfordshire and offer a same day service, where possible. We are fully licensed waste carriers, meaning we can legally transport vehicles, however badly-damaged. This applies to customers as far afield as Bishops Stortford, Hertford, Loughton, Ware, Cheshunt, and beyond.

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Sell My Scrap Car in Essex and Hertfordshire

As the local reliable family run leading provider of scrap car services in Essex and Hertfordshire, we have much to offer our customers. Here is what you can expect from us…

Accurate scrap car valuations in Essex and Hertfordshire

We have been bringing scrap cars to our Harlow yard for many years now. Our team of experts keep a close eye on the going rates for scrap metal. With our decades of combined experience, we can guarantee an accurate and fair appraisal of your scrap car. We want our customers to be satisfied with any valuation we offer.

We Buy Any Car in Essex and Hertfordshire

At our Harlow scrap yard, we accept any make or model of scrap vehicle, no matter what condition it is in. After all, we are only interested in the value of its component parts. While poor-quality and rusted metal can see a reduction in value (since this cannot be recycled), dents and other damage do not.

Great Salvage Prices in Essex and Hertfordshire

At KD Autos Tyres and Recovery Ltd, we are not looking to resell your vehicle. When it hits our scrap yard it is stripped down for parts and we see what can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. If you want the best price for a functioning vehicle, you may be better served selling it elsewhere.

Instant Payments for Scrap Cars in Essex and Hertfordshire

If you are happy with our valuation of your vehicle, we need to fill out some paperwork to confirm transfer of ownership. Once this is done, we will pay you the agreed valuation via bank or card transaction. We will provide you with a receipt and take away your scrap car for you at no extra cost.

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Why Choose KD Autos Tyres and Recovery Ltd?

We are fully licensed by Essex County Council and the Environmental Agency to carry waste. This means we are fully CIB regulated and our drivers carry their waste carrier certification at all times. Our recovery trucks can handle vehicles and machinery up to 5 tons in weight, meaning we can pick up most domestic and commercial vehicles.

Our scrap yard in Harlow has been running for many years, serving the people of Essex and Hertfordshire. Our team of experienced mechanics have been part of the trade for decades between them. This means we can price a car for its scrap value quickly and accurately, ensuring a fair deal for all our customers.

KD Autos Tyres and Recovery Ltd operates a scrap yard in Harlow, Essex. This leaves us extremely well placed to assist customers across the county and neighbouring Hertfordshire with their scrap car needs. We will pick-up scrap cars across a 30-mile radius around our scrap yard, covering Bishops Stortford, Hertford, Loughton, Ware, Cheshunt, and beyond.

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For the best in sell my scrap car services across Essex and Hertfordshire, contact KD Autos Tyres and Recovery Ltd today. Call us on 01992 660 517, 07534 747 853 or 07415 542 161 and we will give you a free valuation.

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